About Gabrielle

For whatever reason you came across this page, I’m so glad you did! My name is Gabrielle Odom, I am a follower of Jesus who wants to see people fall in love with God, submit to His word, and walk in radical faith to tell the whole world about Jesus.

I am Minneapolis, Minnesota born and raised but have recently found myself in the opposite of climates here in Waco, Texas (Yee-haw). My story is really simple. From a young age, God met me, pursued me by His grace, and radically transformed my heart by the power of the gospel alone.

“Everything changed for me when I realized that Jesus wasn’t only Savior, but that He was also Lord.”

Thus, He didn’t just have the power to save me from sin and hell, but He was and is a God that is holy and most high, therefore my life had to bow in surrender. The gospel wasn’t just a “get out of hell free card,” but it was an invitation to submission, sacrifice, surrender, and security. It was an invitation to an abundant life, to participate in bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth as we await the return of Jesus.

I believe God has set a grand rescue mission in motion that He has invited us to be a part of.

I believe that young people can rise. I believe that young people have a role to play. Which is why I’m fighting for the next generation to be found faithful. I believe it can happen by fearing God, loving God, and calling people to repentance – I believe that by restoring the Word of God in the next generation; we can give a generation plagued by relativity a clear view of who God is and what His word says. I believe it matters.

Not because the next generation is anything special, but because I believe in a God who wants to exalt Himself and glorify Himself, and I believe He wants to use the next generation to accomplish His purposes.

So let’s do it. Lets chase His holiness to the ends of the earth, lets seek paths of righteousness where it feels like none exist. Lets go here, near, and far, every space and every place to share the name of Jesus. For I am convinced that God is holy, His word is true, He can be trusted, and there’s no better mission to commit our lives to.

Someone once told me “whoever wants the next generation the most will get us,”pornography wants us, conservatives want us, liberals want us, social media wants us..

So my question is: What would happen if The Church wanted us the most?

Let’s rise Church, for such a time as this.